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Subwatershed Assessments

Subwatershed Assessments are used to analyze subwatersheds that contribute to the degradation of locally identified high priority water resources. The analyses to be completed identify the location and estimated cost/benefit relationship for best management practices.

Technical Service Area 4 adapted the Center for Watershed Protection's Urban Stormwater Retrofit manual protocols during the process of collaborating on the previously completed assessments. The process varies for each assessment depending on the nature of readily available GIS data. It was refined by TSA 4 members to identify the optimal placement and type of BMPs within those subwatersheds and catchments that most contribute to the degradation of high priority water resources coupled with detailed cost/benefit analysis for each BMP takes TMDL Implementation Plans to the next level and provides the foundation not only for the development of detailed capital improvement plans but also the development of partnerships and project specific grant applications to facilitate the cost effective and systematic achievement of water quality, groundwater recharge and flood reductions goals.


While the current process was originally developed for urban landscapes, similar protocols were developed for rural and agricultural landscapes.


Funding for this effort is made possible through a series of Clean Water Fund grants, along with matching dollars from members and their local partners.

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