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The Board of the Metro Conservation District is composed of one representative appointed by each of the eleven members. Appointees are elected officials who serve on the Board of Supervisors (for SWCDs') or Board of Commissioners (for Ramsey County). The Board meets three times per year, including the last Wednesdays in February and August, and the third Wednesday in November. Unless otherwise noted on the Home Page, meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. in the office building of whichever organization's representative is Chair. Meeting times and locations are subject to change. 

Nov Agenda
Aug Agenda
Nov Mintues
Aug Minutes
Feb Minutes
Nov Mintues
Aug Mtg Cancelled

The following Board members will be participating in the next regular meeting via remote technology

  • Jason Selvog, (Sherburne) attending from 110 2nd Street S #128, Waite Park, MN

  • Glenda Maxiel (Anoka), attending from 1318 McKay Dr. NE, Suite 300, Ham Lake, MN

  • Rick Cedergren (Chisago), attending from 4624 412th St North Branch, MN

  • Marcus Zbinden (Carver), attending from 600 East Fourth Street in Chaska

  • Duane Dahlman (Wright), attending from 101 West 8th Street, Glencoe, MN

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